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(DOUBLE) CA AB2880 Mandatory: Liability and Legal Aspects (4-Hrs) and Observation and Documentation (4-Hrs)

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Personal / Contractor / Employer Guard
Criminal, Civil, Administrative
BSIS Code & Regulations
Role of a Security Guard 

Liability and legal Aspects- This course covers the subjects of criminal and civil law, including their definitions and differences. It overviews different sources of the law, presents information on common civil offenses brought against private security officers, how security personnel can use verbal judo to better deal with difficult people in order to avoid lawsuits, and a private security officer’s authority to question. Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and court cases, searches and seizures, categories of criminal offenses, and conducting employee inspections are reviewed. Lastly, a security officer’s powers to arrest are discussed, from the time that a citizen’s arrest is initiated to testifying in court.

Observation and Documentation -In this module, the student will be given an understanding of the requirements for writing an effective report by answering the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, and why questions pertaining to an incident. The importance of reporting the facts as the key to properly completing a variety of reports is emphasized. Understanding observation, conducting interview questions, note-taking, and utilization of proper grammar and content when writing reports of investigation are also presented.


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